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Only takes one smart move in life to build wealth!

This is what people mean when they say it only takes one smart move in life to get rich. Did you know that  a single share of Coke with dividends reinvested is worth $10,000,000? (http://www.netnethunter.com/) In the 1920’s and 1930’s, a banker named Pat Munroe in the... read more

Give your kids a head start

If you’re like many new stock market investors, you wish you had begun  understanding investing earlier — much earlier.  If you began in your 30s,  as I did, you might wonder how much your money might have grown over an additional decade or two or three.... read more

Our Journey in Life is the Footprint We Leave Behind

How can you help build financial literacy skills  and a path to financial stability for the young people in your life? We’ve put together a few steps on how you can help a young person build wealth:   1) For any occasion give Stuff&Stock™ which... read more

Prior Planning Prevents Panic

Receiving a JackieTrust™ from you helps the child become a real shareholder . Giving a JackieTrust™ allows a young person to experience true ownership of the companies they love while learning money management. All from your phone… it is as simple as  1-2-3 We... read more

Little Boys and their Toys!

Teach financial literacy  because…. Little boys and their toys never really grow up, just the price of their toys go up and up (from a poem by D. Gregory)     read more